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Accredited Webinar programme - 31 October 2013


8 hours of CPD in one day

8 x 1 hour Webinars


The end of the CPD year is fast approaching.  Live fully-accredited Webinars.

Satisfy you CPD requirement without leaving your desk

31 October 2013 – 8 hours of CPD - - 8 Separate Webinars



Aimed at busy practitioners who need to complete their CPD hours for the year, we have designed a series of one hour interactive live Webinars that will take place on 31 October 2013 from 0830 to 1815.  You can gain up to 8 hours of high-quality, accredited CPD without leaving your desk.

The live webinars will be delivered by Michael Twomey of Legal and Commercial Training and Malcolm Dowden of Gwentian Consulting. 

Michael has over 20 years’ experience in designing and delivering commercial and corporate training courses to leading law firms and on behalf of the largest training organisations.  Malcolm’s expertise and current practical experience includes property and environment law and he is a practising solicitor acting as a consultant to a leading London firm.

The webinars are priced at £35 plus VAT per one hour webinar.

The sessions are as follows:

0830 – 0930       General Commercial Property Update

Recent case law on easements, rights of light, restrictive covenants, landlord and tenant disputes; implications of new energy regulation - will your client's lease become unlawful in 2018?

0945 – 1045       Commercial and Contract Law – Update

The legal and practical implications of recent case law: formation; intention and “subject to contract”; the categorisation, nature and effect of terms of a contract; where we are now on ‘good faith’ and ‘endeavours’; liability for pre-contractual statements

1100 – 1200       General Residential Property Update

Remedies for late completion or failure to complete; recent case law on fixtures and chattels; residential service charge disputes and consultation requirements; tenancy deposits; flood insurance and postcode-based risk.

1215 – 1315       Remedies, damages, and liquidated damages

Understanding contractual damages in the light of recent case law. Drafting for certainty. Law, practice, and drafting, of effective liquidated damages provisions.  Where are we now with exclusion clauses?

1330 – 1430       Commercial Leases: Break Option, Landlord’s Consent

Failure to meet the conditions for a tenant's break option can be an extremely expensive mistake.  Even a minor breach   of covenant can disable a break.  Does the ruling in Marks & Spencer v BNP Paribas mark a change in tone, or is it an isolated case?  Landlord's consent - how are green leases changing the landscape for consent applications?

1445 – 1545       Principles of Contract Interpretation

Application of and developments of the principles established by the Supreme Court in Rainy Sky  Reminder of some key principles of contract interpretation for contract drafters and dispute resolution lawyers

1600 – 1700       Commercial Leases: Rent Review and Service Changes

Residential service charges are closely governed by statute.  Commercial service charges are governed by contract.  What happens in mixed use property?  April 2014 should see the introduction of "CRAR", a new procedure for  recovering commercial rent arrears, and the end of the ancient law of distress.  What are the implications for your  clients?

1715 – 1815       Representations, Warranties, and Indemnities

The meaning and effect of representations, warranties, and indemnities. How to negotiate and draft warranties and indemnities.  How to mitigate or exclude liability.


Attendance at each  live webinar will qualify for one hour of accredited CPD.


The fee is £35 plus VAT per webinar


If you would like to attend one or more webinars, please register your interest below.  If you have any queries, contact Michael Twomey indicating which webinar(s) you are interested in on 07957 5592 99  or via email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




Webinar programme 2013/2014


Commercial and Company Law Update

Real Estate and Environmental Law Update

Fully Accredited one CPD hour

For some seven years, Michael Twomey of L&C has been delivering monthly update sessions on commercial and company law to leading firms in London.

Due to the positive feedback and the success of these sessions, we have decided to offer this service via interactive, live webinars.

We have also entered into a joint venture with Malcolm Dowden of Gwentian Consulting Limited who will run similar update sessions on real estate and environmental law.

These sessions run for one hour and will take place at the dates and times set out below.  The sessions will cover developments in company and contract law and real estate and environmental law over the past month or so.  Attendees will be able to participate by sending written comments during the session or by microphone.

We will email copies of the materials before the session to print off and annotate during the session.

The numbers for each webinar will be limited to 25.

In order to encourage discussion, the live update webinars will NOT be recorded.

However, a separate version of the update will be recorded for downloading.


Attendance at the live webinar will qualify for one hour of accredited CPD.

Watching the recorded version will qualify for one hour of non-accredited CPD.


We will be offering an early morning session and a lunch time session.


The single user fee is £35 plus VAT.  If you wish to view as a group, there will be a reasonable additional fee.

Dates and Times

 We will be publishing dates and times for these sessions for the next CPD year shortly.

Commercial and Company Update 09:00 to 10:00 and 12:00 to 13:00

Real Estate and Environmental Law 10:30 to 11:30 and 13:30 to 14:30

Further information

If you would like to attend a webinar, please call Michael Twomey direct on 07957 5592 99 or by email using the Contact page.

Michael Twomey